Why Hire an Electrician?

Unlike other trades, electricians are governed by a strict set of guidelines. They can’t practice their trade until they are licensed, and that takes years of apprenticeship and education. A Licensed Electrical Contractor is the only service provider legally authorized to perform electrical work in someone’s home or business.

Meek Electric only employs certified workers, and owner Paul Meek is a Master Electrician (registration number 7002562).

Ontario law requires anyone offering electrical services to be licensed by the Electrical Safety Authority and has an ESA Electrical Contractor Licence such as Meek Electric. This will ensure that they:

  • are fully insured to protect customers
  • only employ certified electricians
  • will arrange any needed permits
  • are qualified to perform the type of electrical work you require
  • can offer a Certificate of Inspection
  • can provide references
  • will provide a written cost estimate of the work
  • For more information, visit Plug in Safely.